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Terms and Conditions                                                                 




1. Definitions

1.1 Company: We, Us, Sydney Lens Rental Pty Ltd (S.L.R, in abbreviation)

1.2 Renter: You, customer of S.L.R.


2. Period Definitions

2.1 Day: A period of 24 hours, beginning when equipment is picked up from SLR, terminating at the same time the following day.

2.2 Weekend: The period from Friday 6pm to 12pm on the following Monday morning.

2.3 Week: A seven day period.


3. General Conditions

3.1 The acceptance of equipment implies total acceptance of these terms and conditions, which cannot be changed, in part or whole.

3.2 These terms and conditions will be applied to future hire from S.L.R.

3.3 Changes may be made without further notice. It is renter's responsibility to check updated terms and conditions.

3.4 Eligible customer must be over 18 years old, and new customer must present ID Card/Driver Licence/Age Proof Card and allow personal details to be recorded.

3.5 S.L.R has its sole discretion on deciding to whom the gears are rented.

3.6 S.L.R will not accept any orders that aggregated value of order that is less than $50 Australian Dollars unless renters agree to pay the minimum amount of $50.00.


4. Collection and Return

4.1.Rental charges commence from the time and date the equipment leave S.L.R., or the time we deliver to you; Terminate when equipment is received back by S.L.R.

4.2.Customer may request a delivery or pick up service. A charge may apply depending on the locations. S.L.R. endeavours to create a hiring experience with satisfaction for customers however it is at S.L.R.'s sole discretion on whether your time and/or location to be serviced can be accepted.

4.3.Should you fail to return the equipment by the due date and time, a Late Return Fee will be charged, calculated on hourly basis, based on the DOUBLED regular rental fee. To avoid Late Return Fee, please advise us, at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled return time. We might only charge you the regular rate in hourly basis, instead of Late Return Fee.

4.4.Should the Renter not return equipment 24 hours after the due time, without prior arrangement with S.L.R., the Equipment will be considered stolen and the Police notified immediately. The rental charge will continue, doubled, until all equipment is returned.

4.5.Should you fail to pay the rental by due date, a reminder will be sent to you in writing. Failing to pay the overdue amount within 48 hours, all equipment, including those are not overdue (if applicable) will be collected. Overdue amount will be DOUBLED on daily basis until fully paid. Rental paid for equipment that are not overdue is non-refundable.

4.6.On delivery, new customers are required to provide Current photo ID/Driver Licnece/Age Card to confirm full name and address.


5. Equipment

5.1 All Equipment remain the property of S.L.R.prior to, in the period of, and after renting period.

5.2 All Equipment must be returned as the same condition when rental started.

5.3 Any lost, unreturned, or damaged equipment will be charged to the Renter, based on the value of equipment that we agreed. The Agreed Market Value can be found on Packing List.

5.4 You may share the equipment with others, but the Renter, not anyone else, will be the person who liable for any damage or lost during the rental period.

5.5 All or part of the bond will be used to replace or repair the equipment. Where the cost of repair or replacement of equipment exceeds the bond, the Renter will be charged in full for all repairs or replacement costs.


6. Cancellation

6.1 Cancellation of any booking must be made by email or phone and received by the S.L.R. no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of Rental. Failure to comply with this may result in a charge equal to 20% of the scheduled rental charges.


7. Bond & Payments

7.1 All equipment may require a security bond. This bond must be made with the payment for equipment hire. No monies will be deducted from your credit card, unless equipment is returned in a damaged or incomplete state.

7.2 Rental and Deposit payments must be made in full prior to the gears to be supplied.

7.3 On return of equipment an inspection will be made. If all equipment is present and in the same condition as when picked up, the security bond will be released. Refunds will be paid using the same method as the deposit was made.

7.4 All payments are to be made on delivery. If by EFT, renter may be required to pay by mobile banking or other payment method on spot. Late fee will be charged on daily basis if full amount is not received within 24 hours.


8. Liabilities

8.1 S.L.R. is not liable for any legal issues relating to Renter’s behavior during the rent period.

8.2 Renter is liable for any damaged caused by the improper use. To avoid the improper use, a user’s manual can be provided upon request. It is the Renter’s reasonability to request, to read the User's Manual and to follow the instructions.

8.3 The Renter hereby indemnifies S.L.R from liability of any and all losses, damage, injuries, claims, demands and expenses of whatsoever kind of nature arising out of the use of the rented equipment.

8.4 S.L.R’s liability, if any, for supplying defective equipment to the Renter is limited to a rebate of the rental charged.





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