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About us


Q: Where are you located?
A:Our Equipments are stored in Macquarie Park and St Ives. But unfortunately, there are no physical shops to be visited. That is simply because it could ensure us to deliver our prime lenses and flexible service to your place at your time, which is not subject to the trading hours and holiday breaks, and that is why we are able to offer you such competitive rates as well. 



Q:What conditions are your gears of?
A: Most of our equipment are quite new and in order to keep gears in good condition they are all stored in dry cabinet with constant temerature and humidity. We will update our inventory regularly to make sure the lens you rent from us is in the best condition and as latest model as possible.


Q:What are included if I hire lens?
A: Normally everything in the original box is included, like lens, lens cap, real lid, soft/semi-soft bag, tripod collar(if any),plus we provide you with UV filter free of charge to protect lenses. If you need a user's manual, please notify us in advance.


Q:Do I need to clean the lens before return?
A:NO, Please do not. Feel free to leave the cleaning jobs to us. Otherwise, incorrect cleaning may cause a permanent physical damage which is not expected by both of us.


Q:Can I borrow my lens to someone else, say,my friend?
A: Yes. Upon you hire the lens, you have 100% right to control the use of lens. However, please be aware that, leagally speaking, the person signed on the Packing List will be liable for any damage or lost of the equipment.


Q:Do you provide user manual of the lens?
A: YES. If it is your first time to use the gear that you ordered, we would strongly recommand you to ask for a copy of user manual as some gears are not that straiforward to use as others gears do, like PC-E lenses or camera body. To avoid damages and ensure the best shooting experience, ask for a user's manual.


Q:Does your lens come with UV filter or CPL?
A: Yes. Please ba aware that UV and CPL will not be available in some lenses like Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm F2.8G and Fisheye lenses. UV Fillter is free of charge but a CPL is not.


Q:Do I need to test the lens befor take it home?
A: Yes. To aviod dispute we request customer to bring your own camera and have a test on spot before you leave to make sure the lens is in the perfect condition and I can help you to familarize gears guicker.


Q:What if I found the lens is faulty during the use?
A:As the condition of the lenses are brand new or near brand new, and the confidence from the manufacturers, we would say this situation is not likely to happen. However, when it does happen, no worries, simply call us as soon as it happens. Please DO NOT try to fix it by yourself and DO NOT have it repaired. We will to replace your lens ASAP, if we have spare one ready. If there is no other alternative lens available, we will refund yor rent. We reserve the right to investigate and take the futher legal or financial actions upon responsibility is identified.


Q:What if the lens is stolen/lost/damaged during my hire?
A: Please notify us ASAP. We will discuss with you according to the clauses stated in the agreement.

Order and Confirmation


Q:How do I place an order?
A:Simply call 0433 436 888 or send email: or complete an online form on our website. We will confirm your order and arrange a drop off and pick up accordingly. All the information regarding to the availability, the rate etc will be enclosed in the confirmation. What you need to do is, pick up or, wait for your lens at home!


Q:How long should I place the order in advance?
A: You can absolutely order your lens in last minute! However, in this case, availablity is not guaranteed, so we strongly recommand you to place the order at least 48 hours in advance, especially before holidays and weekends when some popular gears are highly demanded.


Q:Does it mean I can get the lens if I place the order?
A: I am afraid not. Due to the availabilty, we will confirm with you as long as your order is received.


Q:I have questions to ask?
A: You can make an inquiry either by email, online inquiry form,  txt message, or simply grap a phone and ask! click here to ask . 


Q:Can I cancel the order?
A: Of course! Please feel free to cancel the order at least 24 hours in advance, it won't cost you anything. As we understand that everyone might change mind. If you can do so, we will be happy to serve you next time. However, if you cancel the order witin 24 hours from scheduled time, we might or might not charge a fee to cover the opportunity cost due to you cancellation.

Bond & Payment 


Q:How long do I need to put bond into your account before I get the lens?
A: Normally we will keep the bond till termination of hire, provided no damage, no loss and return gears with same condition as they are delivered to you. 


Q:How do I pay the bond?
A:The bond is payable by either cash or EFT. Please find out banking details below.. 


Q:When will the bond be released?
A: Upon return, we will check the conditions of equipment. Bond will be released by the same manner as it is paid.


Q:What payment methods are available?
A: We accept Cash and EFT only at moment. Equipments are released only after payment via EFT is confirmed. Please do EFT at leaset 48 hours prior to the date you requested. 


Q:How do you charge if I just need to hire the lens on Saturday only.
A: Any renting period falls into weekend or public holiday, Weekend/Holiday rates apply. However, we might consider a discount for existing customers.


Q:What is your banking details? 
A: Banking details are:



Pick up, Delivery and Return


Q:Can you deliver lens to me?
A: Yes, I would like to do so.


Q:How much do you charge for delivery?
A: It would vary depending on your surburb. Normally it won't exceed $20 for deliver plus pick up. Please confirm with us in advance.


Q:Do I need to pay extra for late return?
A: We treat you like friend, so if yor are not able to return on scheduled time please notify us at leaset 2 hours in advance, we won't charge you anything for penalty if you can return it within a resonable timeframe. However, if you fail to return the equipments and fail to notify us, we will charge a calculate the rentals based on hourly basis. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details.


Q:Can I extend my hire?
A: Of course! If your lens is not booked by other customer, the renting period can be extended. Make sure to give us a call to extend you rent at least 2 hours prior to the schduled renturn time to avoid the late return fee.


Q:Can I return in advance?
A:YES. Return time is flexible.


Q: Can I change mind after I had confirmed the delivery details with you?
A: YES. Anyone could change mind. But at least inform us before our lens being sent out.We will double check before delivery.

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